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"Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure. He built our website AND designed our logo for Scorpion Creek Ranch and we couldn’t be happier! We had great brainstorming sessions and he has this magical skill… he can convert a conversation into an executed product better than anyone I’ve worked with over the years. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone."

Katie Brown

Scorpion Creek Ranch

"Working with Chris to create our business logo and packaging was a great experience from start to finish. The process felt very collaborative, and he incorporated all of our feedback into the work. He was also nice enough to help us find printing services for our design. If you are looking for original concepts and attention to detail, I can't recommend Chris Miller Design enough. We are looking forward to working with him again."

Chris Wingo

Organic Alchemy

“Working with Chris has been a great pleasure. He always responds promptly and professionally.  He contributes great ideas, meets his stated deadlines, and has a great sense of humor. I definitely recommend him for your next project.”

Laura Barclay

Excursion Me Peru

“Chris was a huge help in recreating our brand at Capitol bar! He’s very quick and his designs are super clean. Chris accomplished everything we threw at him, and that is saying a lot as he was doing social media, menus, & web design just to name a few.”


Phillip Kraft


”Chris was a pleasure to work with and I would do so again! I really appreciate his strategy-based approach and inspired solutions.“


Sara Willis




”Chris is one of the most creative designers I have ever met. He is personable, flexible, and incredibly gifted. In addition, he's got a great sense of humor and makes the process fun. His sensitive design enhanced every story I wrote.“


Rebecca Larson

Marist Catholic High School



”Chris is one of the most creative, competent and enjoyable people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His abilities to manage people, manage work, and still contribute to the day-to-day effort make him one of the best people it has ever been my pleasure to have on the team!“


Marc Storch

Great Lakes Higher Education


”Chris is a respected and gifted designer with a passion for innovation and ingenuity. As a natural leader and mentor, Chris spends just as much time teaching, listening, and offering feedback as he does brainstorming and creating. In the years that I have worked with and for Chris, he has inspired, motivated, and challenged countless "creatives" and "non-creatives" alike to collaborate, create, and dream more often. Perhaps the best thing Chris has ever created is the mentality that professional success should be measured by what you have personally accomplished in addition to whom you have helped along the way.“


Jennifer Walker

Great Lakes Higher Education


”Chris has consistently provided creative insight and design support for various parts of the Tasting Culture Group/Series web design. He pays close attention to details, and expects creative input from his clients that results in a unique and individual look for each client. He is a true collaborator!“


Sarah Khan

Tasting Cultures

”Chris was an inspiration to myself and the entire team! I personally appreciate the warmth and honestly he showed to his staff — especially during the few months of .com craziness. His work continues to inspire me. I hope to work with him again!“


Joe Myers


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